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Training Videos

Below you will find the training videos for the Freshi App Experience class.  All other training videos can be found on FLO (Freshi Learning Online).  If you are a teacher and do not have access FLO, please contact Freshi immediately to to get a username and password.

Assets for App Class:

App Experience Class Video Training


Classroom Management Videos Freshi was very lucky to be visited by a classroom managemnt pro who hosted a seminar at our main offices.  The following videos are broken up into three parts which will give you ton of ideas on how to work with groups of kids of lots of different age levels!  Also take a close look at the Q&A section because those questions are being asked by active teachers in Freshi programs and they ask very specific questions dealing with the kind of programs we run.  Enjoy!

Setting the Tone – This section illuminates things you can do before you start teaching the kids.

In Class Management – This section is helpful advice on how to control the class after work has begun and the class is in full swing.


This is the question and answer section of the presentation where advice is given about paticular situations that arise especially in our teaching format.  (This is also the longest section)


  Freshi Game Design Level 1.5 Freshi Games Level 1.5 is seperated into sets of smaller lessons that tackle the different game genres in 3 frame games.  This includes Platform Games, 3rd Person shooters, 1st person shooters and Scrolling games.  Below you will find all the lessons seperated into categories.  Please look at ALL videos becuase some skills are needed to complete lessons in other game types.