Teacher-led Programs

Freshi Teachers guide your students through the following courses.

Teacher-led programs are ONLY available in CA within these locations:
SoCal - LA, Ventura & Orange counties
NorCal - Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, San Francisco, Santa Clara & Sacramento counties

Exceptions considered on a case-by-case basis

Beginning Video Game
Coding & Design

Suggested Ages: 10 - 17

In this course, students will work with a partner to learn the basic principles of video game design. Working with Multimedia Fusion software and with an in class partner, you'll learn the conditional coding necessary to make your video game creations work. Students will create characters, game environments and more!

Next Level Game Coding:
Platform Games

Suggested Ages: 10 - 17

Students work with a partner and create unique levels, characters and an original plot line. Give your characters gravity and create interesting and original bad guys to challenge you through your game. Working with design, animation and programming tools, students will create a fun and engaging platform adventure!

Interactive Comic Book

Suggested Ages: 10 - 17

Students become the creators and make their own digital comic book complete with heroes, villains and epic adventures! Working with Comic Life software, kids create an original multi – page full color comic. When class is finished students have an interesting comic series to share with family and friends!

Computer Animation Basics
with PC!

Suggested Ages: 10 - 17

Working with PC computers, participants learn skills that help with computer drawing, character creation and movement and character interaction. In small groups or with a partner, students focus on learning introductory computer animation techniques and create original characters and short animated sequences!

App Design Concepts
for PC!

Suggested Ages: 10 - 17

The Freshi Media App Design class is a fun and exciting introduction for students who want to learn different aspects of computer based App Design. Utilizing Multimedia Fusion 2 software, students work with a partner to create individual projects and learn basic computer based App Design!

Young Creators:
Stop Motion Animation

Suggested Ages: 10 - 17

Work with your favorite toys to create fun and original stop motion animations! Students work together to create an original story through animation. Basic concepts such as camera angles, storyboards, scripting elements and theme will be introduced. Students also do voiceover work for their animation and add a musical score to their completed project.

I Made a Video Game!

Suggested ages: 6 - 12

Younger Game Developers work with an in class partner to conceive, design and build their own original 2D “bouncy ball” computer game. Very basic design and coding techniques will be introduced and students will complete fun activities like creating characters and making them bounce around the game screen!

I Made a Digital Comic Book!

Suggested ages: 6 - 12

Working with PC computers and ComicLife software, younger students will create fun and interactive comic books! This class is designed to have students play, create and develop a simple comic book story. With help from an instructor, students will create a fun project to share with friends and family.

I Made an Animation!

Suggested ages: 6 - 12

Younger students will work with toys to create fun and original stop motion animations! Students work together in groups to create an original animation. Students will create short, simple and easy to manage animations that will introduce the concepts of creativity and expression through storytelling!

3D Animation

Suggested ages: 10 – 17 (limited availability)
Students will use Blender Software to learn how to create 3D Animations. They will learn 3D Modeling, which includes creating geometric faces, vertices, and edges. They will also learn about background, lighting and animating objects/shapes. Students will create their own unique characters and dynamic shapes!
Note for Parents:

-For Stop Motion Animation Class-

Bring toys from home for animating! Please nothing small: No Legos or small toys. We don’t want to lose any toys in the classroom! Action figures, toy cars, plush dolls and other large-sized toys encouraged.

General Information about Freshi Media Camps

Freshi Media provides computer equipment for camps, including:
  • Extension cords
  • Laptops/power cords
Freshi Media does NOT provide:
  • Computer Mouse
  • USB Drives
  • Students can bring this equipment separately from home to camp
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