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What surprised me was that I was at least able to make a movie by myself, doing stuff that I thought I could never do until I was an adult.

-Jessica R., Freshi Film Club member, James Madison Middle School – Los Angeles, CA


This has shown me that I can open up - that I can share my ideas.

- Kayla S., Freshi Film Camp – Hollywood, CA


I’ve just experienced making a three minute movie with five other kids my age, so it was pretty fun. I think we did a great job.

- Michael P., Freshi Film Camp – Hollywood, CA


I made good friends, I made a film, and it’s just been a great experience all-around. It’s fun, it’s safe, and it’s just enjoyable.

- Oliver B., Freshi Film Camp – Hollywood, CA


I’m getting out what was in me, I never knew I had so much creativity ahead of me. I never expressed myself, I needed something to express myself.

- Marvin G., Freshi Film Club member, James Madison Middle School – Los Angeles, CA


Having the opportunity to see up close and personal the impact that Freshi Films has on the lives of kids was worth our participation alone. What you guys are doing with Freshi gives kids the opportunity to have a better view of their future and all the options that are available to them. My Beauty was excited to be part of such a great event!!!

- Gabrielle Thomas, Director, My Beauty, Inc. – Los Angeles, CA


We were honored to have Freshi at our school's Fall Festival. The kids went crazy over the cameras, the Freshi staff and the opportunity to be a filmmaker. Thank you so much. We love what you are doing for our kids.

- Rebekah Fleischaker, Logistics Chair Fall Festival 2007, Riverside Drive Elementary


I am and will be forever grateful to Freshi for this amazing experience! I am so happy! I cannot even describe it.
They literally helped us make our ideas come to life. I never thought I would love being a part of a creation just this much. We all made new friends, met really interesting people and worked together to make our dreams come true! Freshi made that possible!

- Nicole B., 2008 Freshi Film Camp (Puerto Rico- Colegio Marista) participant


I was a Movie freak right since my childhood days and this film camp just gave a boost to my thoughts and creativity. And I am looking forward for another project with these guys in the near future. Freshi Film camp is one of the best things that have ever happened to me!

- Gaurav G., Freshi Film Camp participant, New Delhi – India

Kendra McCulty says hello. She had such a wonderful time at the advanced film camp. She can’t wait to show her friends the spy movie she worked on. Thanks so much!

- Carla McCulty, 2008 Freshi Film Camp attendee’s mother


Freshi provides an innovative hands on program that is extremely popular and well attended with our students. The program enhances the student’s media literacy (reading, technological and ethical), as well as communication, computer and team-building skills.
We have noticed a marked improvement in their overall enthusiasm to participate and be more fully engaged in their academics during the normal school day.

- Ms. Estelle Baptiste, Principal, Madison Middle School – North Hollywood, CA


Freshi was the perfect addition to our Kids Festival at Six Flags, and won over the crowds as the most popular booth on the lot. There was no down time for the Freshi team as even the youngest of children, some who've never even seen a video camera, would come to their stand and edit the video they've shot like a pro, right on the spot!

- Matthew Larson, Advertising and Promotions Coordinator, Six Flags Magic Mountain


I really wish 2 go bak n time & do dis camp oe’er & oe’er agen…<sigh> <sigh>

- Shika D., Freshi Film Camp participant, 4/6/09 Facebook entry


Freshi is a really great film camp. It’s been a great experience. They actually care about helping kids learn and succeed in the industry.

- Tina C., Freshi Film Camp – Hollywood, CA


Wow! What you all accomplished in a week was amazing. My son has written 15 storyboards since last Friday - no joke!  He is having a blast!  And your camp has really helped my daughter see how she could put together a film and contribute to every aspect at a higher level. Thanks for putting together such a great week for all the kids!

 - Onnalee, mother of Freshi Film Camp Participants - Manhattan Beach, CA


The camp was AMAZING!!!!  Jason was amazing.  Our students got tons out of it and those that returned for programming this week are still talking about it.  Very, very cool!!!

- Lori Bonnstetter, 21st CCLC Site Coordinator – Harding Middle School


Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to come to your studio and train us in stop motion animation.  You have a wonderful office and everyone was very warm and welcoming.  Jason is amazing trainer and we had so much fun learning with him.  Stop motion animation is an excellent way to bring children’s stories to life and I cannot wait to incorporate it into our trainings here at LA’s BEST.  Our children and staff will definitely benefit from this!  I would love to come back and attend another training in the future.


- Joy Swayne Pamphile, Digital Learning TPS - LA’s BEST


The students are very enthusiastic about receiving these quality filmmaking workshops. No other LACER partner has provided such a unique opportunity for our students. The program enhances literacy, communication and computer skills and provides opportunity to be creative for producing their end film product.

- Ms. Linda Ortiz, Associate Director, LACER Afterschool Programs


The students represent diverse cultural and ethnic communities. By learning filmmaking techniques, they are developing a sense of pride as well as hope for the future.

- Mr. Jack Foote, Ed.D., Principal, Joseph LeConte Middle School - Hollywood, CA


The Freshi programs have received the highest compliments from all concerned: students, teachers, parents and administrators alike. Freshi is truly at the cutting edge of today’s cultural, moral, technical and visual ideas.

- Mr. Dick Roberts, Former Beyond the Bell/LAUSD Administrator


Freshi Films is a great asset to our after school program. The teachers assist our students with having the tools to use technology to tap into their creativity. I enthusiastically support Freshi Films. I have seen firsthand the positive impact that this program has on the school community. I look forward to continuing our partnership with Freshi Films as we work together for the benefit of preparing our youth for a successful future.

- Cheryl Hildreth Principal Bancroft Middle School Los Angeles, California


The Freshi Film Camp was the best summer experience my son every had. The camp staff is caring and fun. It is an especially great activity for teens because it gives them hands on film making experience in just the right atmosphere for this hard-to-please age group. As a school counselor and a parent, the Freshi Film camp has my highest recommendation.

- Melanie Rome, B.S., M.A., P.P.S. & Mother - Tarzana, CA



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