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Parent FAQ

How do I sign my child up for classes using the website?

Freshi offers classes that can be signed up for online.  If your school or site is offering freshi classes that have online sign ups, they will be available here

Many schools offer programs with freshi that allow registration and sign up through

To sign up for the classes, follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. On the home page at the top, find the link Sign Up for Classes

  3. Find the class you are looking for on the page.  Please note, not all Freshi Programs are available for sign up online.  If you are not sure where to sign up please Contact Us

  4. Click on the name of the program and you will be taken to a sign up form.

  5. Fill out the form and select whether you will 'Pay Online' or 'Pay By Check'

  6. Be sure to note any instructions or info on the Form page about the class

  7. After you submit the registration form, you will be directed to a payment page

  8. Use the Paypal button to pay (you can pay by Credit Card or with a Paypal Account)

  9. Freshi is no longer acception checks for online class sign ups.

  10. All registration is final once payment is processed

  11. If you have any questions feel free to Contact Us.


Where do I find my child's project?


At the end of Freshi programs (camps, after/ in school programs), some projects are posted to the Freshi Academy Galleries.  Please note, not all projects are posted to the website.

To view the projects that have been posted, you must register to the site. You can create an account by clicking CREATE AN ACCOUNT in the top menu or below the login window section next to the Freshi Media logo at the top of each page.  All that is required for registration is a User Name, Password and Email address.

An email wil be sent to confirm the registration, once you recieve it, click the link to verify and you will be registered to the site!

Use the User Name and Password you created to log into the site.

The Film Gallery and Game Gallery are on the top of the page on the Home Page.

Select the link and you will be taken to our archive, if you wish, simply type the location of the camp or camp name into the search window to the left and search or you can scroll through the listed sites/posts by selecting the NEXT link at the bottom of the page.

Once you find your school/ site listed click the link and then click any of the links below to play the films or games!


Adobe flash player is required to play any films or games!

Some parents deny Freshi the right to post their childs image/ project anywhere on the site, so if your child was in the group of a child who refused posting, please contact us here to get a copy of your project sent to you.


When are student projects posted to the website?


Games and Film are posted 8 - 15 days past the LAST DAY OF CLASS.

*Please do not contact Freshi about films and games until 15 days from the last day of class have passed.

If your child's films and games have not been posted after 15 days, please Contact Us.


I had some concerns, comments suggestions about the program my child took part in, who do I contact?

Please contact us directly about anything having to do with our programs!  Click here for the proper contact form.

These forms are directly delivered to Freshi Administration and we can help immediately.  

Please note: We have different contact forms based on department 

We look forward to hearing from you!


Where can I purchase the cameas/ software my child used in your program?

For students who want to continue with the Freshi experience, there are a couple of possibilities:

Purchase Equipment - You can purchase just about everything that was used in the camps from software to cameras directly from Freshi!  Contact Us here for a full catalog and prices.

Find Another Camp/ Program - Freshi has new camps and programs all over throughout the year.  You can contact Freshi through our Contact Us section to find out what other programs are available in your area.

*PLEASE NOTE: Not all programs are available in all areas and during the Fall/ Winter and Spring more classes are designated for after scool programs, Contact Us for more information.

Get Freshi in Your School! - Freshi offers after school and in school prgrams year round.  If you want Freshi in your school, district or parks and rec center, please contact the principal, administrator and/or coordinator for your area and tell them about Freshi!!  You can also contact Freshi via our Admin Contact Form section and let us know so we can follow up!  Please include contact info in the body of the form!



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