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Globalization and visual communication are part now a part of our everyday lives. As technology expands, the world grows closer and is often only a click away. Freshi supports and empowers youth around globe to connect and share experiences with one another in ways that are fun, interactive and project-based.


Since 2007, programs have launched in India, Puerto Rico, the Hopi Nation, on International waters with Princess Cruises, the Middle East and with visiting students from Mainland China. With each exchange, all involved are enriched from a sharing of new ideas, creativity, team building and sense of accomplishment from producing engaging projects together. These programs are fantastic bridges to founding new friendships that can last a lifetime.


Freshi partners with government agencies, corporations, schools (public & private), foundations, and all forms of NGOs who support cultural, technological and media literacy education for youth globally. To make a program sustainable, the company in each country trains the trainers and provides the necessary equipment and curricula to get a program up and running in a short time.


Plans for new programs with International partners are underway.